Welcome to our blog! We have had this blog up and running for nearly three years now and it is filled with sermons, articles about missions in Hungary and even a couple of videos. I hope that our blog will not only be informative but also inspiring and fun. What do you need to know about us?

My family and I love Jesus!

We want to serve Him!

We are serving Him in Hungary and love it here.

Will you join us in this journey?

Family photo


Gerry, Kathy, Zsuzsi (with Barney), Csilla and Katica (with Budi)

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3 Comments on “Home

  1. As one who has done adventure style missions (traveling from place to place), I can say that blogging or, more importantly, connecting with others who have blogs, has been an amazing tool for receiving and giving encouragement, building relationships with people around the world, and so much more. I highly encourage you to continue writing about the fantastic and if you would like any help, support, or advice about connecting in the blogging world please let me know.

  2. Hi,
    How are you. In Christ I can say with great faith that you are all right.
    I,m Sunday School Teacher & Evangelist.
    I,m Working in Kids. Can i work with you & I Need your Help.
    I go to these children among the people but no one likes to be a priest who is poor & enslaved.
    What your Vision,Passion,Project & Mission I do in Pakistan In God Almighty Name. Amen
    See my Instagram, savekidsyouthevangelism,
    And Twitter,
    May God’s grace & blessings be with you always.
    See You See With God Almighty Blessings.
    Orion Genesis Awesome

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