This heat wave is proving extremely difficult for many people to deal with. As temperatures soar to over 100 farenheit  tomorrow (about 40 celsius) those who can are escaping to anywhere that will bring some measure of relief from the heat. The photo was taken today in the main square of Győr as this young lady tries to cool off with the sprinklers. Air-conditioning is not common in homes nor is it common in many workplaces so we all get the full ‘experience’ of this current weather.

Sometimes our Christian life  goes through a ‘heat wave’ of problems, No matter where we go or what we do, we just can’t escape our problems. Nothing seems to bring permanent relief from the heat. We can turn on a ventilator for a while or take a cold shower but the heat is still there – ready to pounce as soon as the ventilator is turned off or the water tap is closed.

We have certainly experienced a heat wave of problems the past months. A loved one returning home to the Lord, serious health problems for one of our kids, difficulties at work and so on. Yet we kept our gaze turned towards the Lord – He has provided us with relief, He has lifted the burdens we feel. Does it mean we have no troubles in life? No! It does mean however, that the Lord God, creator of the heavens and the Earth stands with us through the heat wave. If He could save Daniel and his companions from the fiery furnace than surely he will save us from whatever difficulties lie before us!

Dan 3:23 Then Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, still tied up, fell into the heart of the blazing fire.
Dan 3:24 Suddenly Nebuchadnezzar leaped to his feet in amazement. He asked his officials, “Didn’t we tie up three men and throw them into the blazing furnace?” They answered, “Yes, we did, Your Majesty.”
Dan 3:25 “Then why do I see four men walking around in the fire?” he asked. “They are not tied up, and they show no sign of being hurt—and the fourth one looks like an angel.”

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