Volunteer for Christ

Over a year and a half ago I became a volunteer with the civil defense in my village (this is a well established, official group in Hungary). We basically patrol the area were we live. Our aims are to protect people and property. Typically I volunteer once or twice a month for anywhere from an hour to six hours at a time. Usually it is easy work as little happens. However we have dealt with missing teens, car accidents and violence.


Why am I doing this? Everytime I patrol I do so with a partner. This has given me many opportunities to witness about Christ to other men. One is a Buddhist, others have no belief in God, whilst others have faith in some form. So far I could invite several to church (sadly none have come yet) but one man gratefully accepted a Bible! Please pray as I partner with this man tonight so that the Holy Spirit would lead our conversation!

Sometimes as believers we become inward focused on our church yet Christ commands us to make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:19). How are you reaching the lost?

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