Back to school

It has been several years since I last had to really study (2009 actually for ordination) and I had forgotten how very exhausting study can be.

For the last two weeks I have been in Budapest on a CELTA intensive course. This is a course to train as a teacher of English as a foreign language. Although I already have a similar qualification (TEFL), I feel I need another qualification to help me get a new job (you may remember that my position at the university finished recently).

My days typically start at 06.30, school is 0900 to 1700 and then study, lesson plans and assignments till 0100.

I have very little energy at the moment but I am grateful to friends in Budapest for feeding me at the weekend! I was privileged to preach yesterday in Budapest and I have been enjoying teaching our church leaders English.

Please pray for me as I study, write and teach. Also please pray for my four girls at home as they have extra to do without me to help .

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