Full time ministry!

We are excited to announce that Kathy is moving into full time ministry! As many of you know she has been teaching part time and doing ministry part time but as the ministry expands and grows, she feels called to give her time and energy in full service to the Lord.

Over the coming months she will be teaching English to orphans, organizing a ladies group, providing clothes and food to the needy and helping at the Friday evening youth group to name just some of the ministry she will be involved in. Her ministry will mainly take place in Győr, Táp and the surrounding areas.

As a family we are blessed to have her as a faithful servant of God, a loving wife and a wonderful mother! Please pray for her as she travels frequently from place to place and for wisdom as she deals with so many needy people on a daily basis.

One Comment on “Full time ministry!

  1. This is great news. God bless you Kathy. All our love, Dave and Mags

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