Teaching the Word!

DSCN0773Zsuzsi has recently had her first experience of leading Bible study for the Friday night youth group. She has now taught twice from the Gospel of John. She found it challenging but extremely useful as she could learn so much whilst preparing. After her baptism three of her classmates have joined the group. Please pray for Marci, Peti and David.

The youth of this group need your prayers. They are standing strong in their faith, growing in the Lord and in numbers. However they have had to deal with serious issues within the group.

As parents we feel truly blessed that our daughters and other young people have a safe Christian environment to study the Word. Please continue to pray for the group as they break for the Summer that every one of the group members would continue their walk with the Lord. Also please pray for the leaders Larry and Melinda and the other adults involved in helping (Kathy also helps here on occasion).

2 Comments on “Teaching the Word!

  1. How are Petra and Zsolt doing? I have them on my prayer list. Mags

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