Clothes for the children

Over the last few weeks we have collected bags of clothes for the kids in the children’s home in Győr. On the 26th of August Zsuzsi and I are going in to give the clothes.

As school is about to start soon (1Sept.) the children in the home need school  supplies. We are hoping to buy exercise books, pens,pencils and etc. If you feel you would like to help us in this work let us know.

And  from the start of the school year I (Kathy) will also be helping the kids  with their English. Please pray that I can talk to the kids about the Lord and His love as I get to know them.

Please also pray for our family for health and a good start of the new school year.



One Comment on “Clothes for the children

  1. Thank you for the update. So exciting to read about the ministry continuing at the children’s home. May God bring a wonderful spirit of love into that place when you enter. And let the love linger when you leave. I especially pray for the workers, that God would touch their hearts and they would long to know Him.
    I wish I could bring a suitcase of supplies. All the back to school sales are on here now. What about connecting with Operation Christmas Child? Our church sends a lot of boxes to kids. Love to each of you.
    Lynn Sue

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