Coffee and Prayer

Twice a month, Kathy, together with the other women from the Church,organises a ladies coffee morning on the first and third Fridays of the month. The first Friday is a time of outreach where ladies get together to drink coffee, do handcrafts, discuss family and relationship matters etc. The ladies are intentional about inviting women who are either on the fringes of the church group or women who are just interested in a more active social life.  They have been blessed to see a neighbour to one of the fellowship member’s come along. Please pray for the other ladies they invite (friends, neighbours, colleagues).

The second coffee morning is a time of prayer. This is for the ladies in the fellowship who know Christ as their Saviour.The ladies use this as an opportunity to worship Christ and to support one another. They pray for the local church group, the individuals and families involved and for the mission work we are all involved in. Though this fellowship is small it is truly blessed to have so many women who love God, His church and their families!

2014-10-17 09.34.56

It was lovely to have Katie from Budapest and Lynette from Bratislava join us this Friday.

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