Nappies and love

Kathy recently had the opportunity for access to another home for children, this time in the nearby village of Győr-Ménfőcsanak. This home is for very young children (under the age of 5) who have been placed in care as they have no one to care for them. The building is very nice and well cared for.

One of the needs of this home is for nappies (diapers). Those of you who have children will know/remember how many nappies one baby can get through in just a day! Unfortunately nappies are expensive and therefore the home struggles to buy these. Also needed are household cleaning products and personal hygiene products (things such as wet wipes, shampoo etc. for the children).

Due to a very generous gift Kathy was able to buy a lot of nappies and bless these children. However, our level of support is low and we need more people giving to allow these children and others like them to be blessed. Will you help?

2014-10-17 14.23.56

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