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Occasionally we have requests for information from people in America wondering how they can financially support us. Well there are two ways to do so now. Firstly you can pay via PayPal using the ‘Donate’ button located on this page. Secondly you can also now donate (either as a one time gift or as a recurring payment) via the following page:—mcnamara-imsa     (you need to look at the left hand side of the pages, click on countries and then click on ‘Hungary – McNamara IMSA’).

Donations are how we live. It is not fun to ask but without asking you may not know of the need. All the work we do needs financing. Whether it is taking orphans to the zoo, bringing food and clothes to the needy, traveling to a church to preach or providing a hot meal to the homeless we need support. We cannot do this work alone. We want you to be our partner. We understand that many people are requesting support, charities are in constant need. Prayer is the greatest support you can give us. After that we are grateful for your kind words of encouragement via snail mail or e-mail. if you feel led then we are grateful for your financial support.

Soon I (Gerry) will be taking a trip to America. I will be in Florida, Ohio, New York State and Pennsylvania. In an upcoming post I will gives dates, times and places of where I will be presenting about both the work in Hungary and in the Middle-East. Send me an e-mail or leave a comment here if you would like more information.

4 Comments on “USA financial support

  1. Gerry, if you’re in western NY, and have some time in your schedule, we’d love to arrange to meet with you in person. If you have a free Sunday, you could even share in our worship service. Blessings. Todd Daningburg, Valley Chapel FMC

  2. Today I discovered your wonderful site about your work! If you come to western NY our whole church and retirement community in Gerry, NY (near Jamestown) would love to catch up with you. We are currently “supporting” you but even as Chair of our church missions committee, I never thought you would be coming to the States.

    • Hi Nancy. Thanks so much for your kind words, we appreciate these words of encouragement! I was in America last year and we have no immediate plans to travel to America. However we do hope to visit again soon and I will let you know when that is being worked out.

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