Summer camp at the orphanage

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This week we held a three day summer camp at the orphanage in Győr where Kathy ministers on a weekly basis. It was a wonderful time with a real presence of the Holy Spirit. Our friends, Eric, Heidi, Calvin and Muriel Barnes along with another family friend, Kulcsár Nárcisz, ministered to the children in the home. Everyday the children enjoyed worship music, a Bible message based on the superheros of the Bible (Moses, David and Jesus), handcrafts, sports and snacks. Eric taught the message daily and led the sports with help from Calvin. Heidi and Muriel led the handcrafts, Kathy and Nárcisz were the translators and general all around helpers. On the final day (after returning from Ireland), myself, Zsuzsi and Katica helped. We also had pizza on the final day which was a blessing not only to the children but to the carer who therefore didn’t need to cook that day.

A great blessing and encouragement was to see how interested and involved the carers were with the camp. In fact one lady came in on her day off for the final day of camp and brought her 24 year old daughter with her! All the kids were given Bibles as a gift on the final day and all the carers were given thank you cards with Bible verses. Please pray that their hearts would be opened to God and that we would see this orphanage become a place where Christ is loved and worshiped! Thank you to all those who prayed and partnered with us.

2 Comments on “Summer camp at the orphanage

  1. May you be blessed and all those to whom you minister. I read your blog in a restaurant in Budapest during a 2 day visit. God bless you, and may you see Jesus love impact the lives of many! Francis

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