Katica and sport

Update: February 12th 2016

Today Katica placed third in the county championship! All six girls threw really well and we are proud that she did so well! Even though she struggles with chronic asthma she is excelling at teke! image



We were excited on Saturday to see Katica play in her first competitive sporting event. She recently took up the sport of ‘teke’, which is the original form of bowling with nine pins, a narrower lane and a 2.8 kilo (6.3lbs) ball. Teke is popular in Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Holland and many other countries. Each competitor throws 130 times per match, which is about an hour of play time.

It takes a lot of skill and dedication to training. She trains twice weekly and has matches every second week. Katica is now an official member of Dynamic TSK, a Gyor team. She did really well and we were are very proud of her!!!