Fun at the orphanage!



We had a lot of fun at the orphanage today! I (Gerry) have started to accompany Kati to the orphanage on Monday afternoons.

We played card games like Solo and Ketchup, did drawing and colouring and practised English a little. We had seven kids with us today (one who is new to the orphanage), and it was a blessing to be with them.

The director of the orphanage has asked us to hold a Christmas service for the kids December 6th! What an honour and a great opportunity to preach the Gospel! The director has also asked us for practical help with a food drive.

Please pray for us as we work with the kids to have patience and wisdom. We noticed some young men hanging around the orphanage as we entered. Some of them act as pimps to young girls.
Please pray that Gerry would have an opportunity to talk to them and that these men would come to Christ.

If you wish to help we would be grateful for handicrafts. Neither of us are talented with handcrafts but occasionally others help and the kids really enjoy this activity.