Ministry in Ukraine

I spent the last few days in both Kiev and Rivne, Ukraine. The purpose of my visit was manifold and it was a blessed weekend!

I was able to visit the rehabilitation centre near Rivne where we currently have five men receiving care. I also got to spend time with those men who have moved on from the rehabilitation centre to a type of halfway house as they begin to re-enter society.

I also got to visit and speak with the widows and mother’s of soldiers who died in the conflict with Russia. I also met some of the folks from the camp last year when I worked with the soldiers suffering from PTSD. It was a joy to see smiling faces and heart breaking to see the tears of the those women who had lost loved ones.

On Sunday I spoke at the local church (whose members are very supportive of both the rehabilitation centre and of the ministry to soldiers and their families). A number of the men from the rehabilitation centre are being transformed through the healing power of God and are living free of drugs and alcohol.

Please pray for a young I met and witnessed to. ‘P’ told me he was happy and that life was good. I felt the Holy Spirit urge me to challenge him. I told him he was unhappy and using alcohol and drugs to suppress his need for God. I could see from the way his face changed that those words struck him as true. I got his number and the leader of our rehab centre has promised to follow up with him.

My very good friend Peter Blundell blessed me by his company all through the trip and he connected amazingly with so many people! He did have a bad accident on Saturday evening and we spent several hours in a local hospital. Please pray for his full recovery (he is doing great and on his way home to England). He was an inspiration to so many this past weekend.

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