Ministry during quarantine

As I’m sure is the same for you all, our lives have changed significantly due to Covid-19. I was due to have flown to America on March 6th to have spoken at a number of churches but thankfully I stayed in Hungary due to the restrictions put in place by President Trump.

So what have and are we doing? We had meetings in person until March 15th but then made the decision to stop meeting people for worship, Bible study and counselling. We do continue to counsel people through phone calls and online. We also as a church community have a daily devotional message on our Facebook page and a weekly worship service online on Sundays. I also continue to connect with colleagues across Europe and make sure they are doing well emotionally. I have also made several videos which I have sent to churches to keep them updated on missions in Europe. If you would like a video message for your online worship service please let me know.

Myself and our missionary colleague Wick are offering to purchase food and medicines for those unable to leave their homes. We will shop and drop it to those in need. This will become more difficult from tomorrow as the Hungarian government has introduced stricter lockdown rules which take effect from midnight tonight.

We appreciate your prayers as we try to navigate these difficult times and yet still be a witness of His love.

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