Typical ministry day in quarantine

Hungary will begin lifting some restrictions from May 4th (except for Budapest), however our quarantine experience has likely been similar to many of yours. Here is what a typical quarantine day looks like for us.

Yesterday was a day of video calls. I had a total of five video calls starting at 7am and ending about 8.45pm. These calls varied from 15 minutes to over two hours in length. In between I had time to answer a few emails, spend time in extra Bible study and look at my calendar to begin making decisions about planned upcoming ministry travel to Ukraine and Moldova in June (both trips doubtful at the moment). Kathy was also involved in video calls and several phone calls also.

Today, I was able to visit and go for a walk with a friend (we both wore masks), help our leaders in Ukraine with a financial issue and communicate with other leaders in Hungary and Romania. I also recorded a section for our church service on Sunday. Now I am about to get in a home workout of weights and aerobics. Kathy has been translating for the sermon for Sunday for the last two or three hours.

Many of these calls are connecting with others to make sure they are well physically, emotionally and spiritually. Many are lonely, many are frightened and many are just in need of a listening ear. Other calls are to talk about future ministry plans and we are already planning for Summer 2021!

Most days involve a number of video and phone calls with emails in between. Ministry continues, it just looks a little different. I do miss being with people… I also miss going out for coffee and getting to the gym. However we have been and are so blessed! We, our family, friends, church members are all free of Covid-19, have food to eat and beds to go to at night. We hope you are well and please know you are in our prayers!

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