Jesus and Jam

Last year we ran a ministry in our church called ‘Jam for Jesus’. Sylvia, a then local church member, was deeply touched by the stories of need we told from Arad, Romania and our partners in ministry, Vis de Copil, who reach the poorest and most needy in that community. Sylvia felt called to bring the sweetness of Christ by feeding people with homemade jam. The project started small, a few jars here, a few jars there. Soon many church members and others in our community became involved. Eventually 104 jars of jam were made, and along with a cash donation, was brought to Arad, to be given to any who had need. Vis de Copil provide meals (along with a place to wash clothes and have a hot shower), so jam is a great food to help supplement diets a little.

This year, we began the ministry again. We are inviting anyone who wishes to donate their fruit, their finances, their time and labour, to be involved and join this wonderful ministry. Although we are living in strange times due to Covid-19, fruit continues to grow and those who are hungry will be blessed by jam to put on their bread. Please enjoy the video that Sylvia (now studying towards ordination) put together.


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