Ukraine camp for veterans and their families

Dear Friends, I am posting below a letter from our ministry leaders in Ukraine. They are planning a camp for soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and their families. As you know, I have been involved in the past but due to the Covid-19 restrictions I cannot attend this year. Like most ministry, we need finances to see this run. I recognize that this is a tough time financially for many, if you cannot give, be blessed, if you can give, be blessed. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Dear Friends and Partners!

All of us are going through difficult times. The circumstances of this year dictate its’ ways of living and serving. The war in our country still continues and takes people’s lives, hurts people’s families, and destroys people’s hearts. We don’t know the future, what will it bring, but we believe that God knows it for sure, He controls everything, and we trust Him. Of course we are worried, complaining, and frightening; but it is much better to do something for God’s sake and for His Kingdom. Because serving others gives us immense pleasure, joy, and comfort; especially when God uses us in this time of difficulty.

Therefore, our core team of the Volunteer Center of Support, began to think that it would be good to start planning a camp for our veterans of war (familes or single), in the Carpathian Mountains. We united with a group of Christians, chaplains and the family of a veteran, to work together, ministering to these people who are true heroes of Ukraine, but at the same time who are “maimed” because of cruelty of war, and won’t return to the same life anymore. It is the smallest thing we can all do out of gratitude – a time to relax and refresh. But we all know that God is our healer and only He can give such peace.

We expect about 30 people (team included).

Vision: a camp for the whole family where a good spiritual and family program is combined with active recreation in the heart of the Carpathians.


• Spend a good time in a natural and informal atmosphere rooted in Christian values

• Create a simple, friendly, home atmosphere for the participants

• Build/develop relationship with the families,that can be continued in the Rivne region.

Place: Carpathians, Iltsi village (30 km after Vorokhta), “Masada” Christian Recreation Center.

Dates: 11/07/2020 – 16/07/2020


  • Accommodation and meals: 270.00 UAH (10 $) a day/ person * 5 days* 30 people=1 500 $
  • Transport expenses: bus (17 seats) + Van (8 seats) + car (5 seats): 350 $ + 150 $+50 $=550 $
  • Coffee break: 150 $
  •  Snacks: 50 $
  • Medicine: 40 $
  • Administrative costs : 70 $

TOTAL: 2 360 $

We pray for:

1. The quarantine to end.

2. Raising the needed funds.

2. The core team and all the participants, God’s protection and wisdom, God’s care and blessing.

3. Peace in Ukraine and for the victims of war.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about participation, funding, etc.,

Contact person: Misha Petrochenko

E – mail: 

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