Camp week

We have had a fun week at camp these past five days. We served at the orphanage in Győr and had about 20 kids each day. Each day consisted of a Bible message, songs, handicrafts and games. We told stories based around animals in the Bible (Noah’s Ark, the serpent in the garden, Daniel and the lion’s den and Christ the good shepherd).

On Friday we went to the Zoo in Győr. We saw lots of animals, had lunch and ice-cream together and enjoyed a great zoo show, where a couple of the kids got involved

Zsuzsi (she serves as the Set Free Movement Coordinator for Hungary) had an excellent conversation with some of the older kids about the danger of trafficking. We hope and pray we will be able to continue these relationships and protect and lead these kids from danger in the future.

Thank you to everyone who helped this week as a volunteer and also thanks to those who provided finances.