Prayer walks

Over the past few weeks we have been going on strategic prayer walks in western Hungary. We visited the cities of Komárom, Mosonmagyaróvár, Szekesfehérvár and Veszprém. In each city we prayed for health, peace and prosperity for those who live there. We sought out people of peace to further expand the Kingdom work that in going on across Hungary.

During these walks we have prayed for refugees. Pictured above are friends who are from Iran and currently are refugees. They regularly attend our weekly services. Please pray for them.

Through our Iranian friends, I was able to meet a Reformed church pastor who is passionate about serving the refugee community in Hungary. Pastor Ágoston is doing a wonderful work and I look forward to hopefully partnering together in the future.

Your prayers are appreciated as we continue to serve. We are having a lot of difficulty getting our ministry car to pass its two yearly road worthiness test (the car is now 22 years old). Terrible how something like this can cause so much stress. We are also on the hunt for a new home and again appreciate prayers for wisdom as we make decisions.

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