Busy August

August was a busy month for us in ministry. We had several trips to Budapest to visit our church there. In the photo above, our colleagues Larry and Katie received flowers and a gift from the Budapest church commemorating their 20 years of service in Hungary.

We also welcomed colleagues from Spain who came to shoot video for some upcoming videos we will be releasing. More details in the future! Whilst here, Peter and Sarah took some wonderful photos of beauty and the beast 🙂

Kathy and Zsuzsi were also able to visit the orphanage in Győr, where the were able to teach the older kids a game which teaches them skills for life. Sociopoly is used for teaching ‘at risk’ teens how to handle money and make ethical decisions. Zsuzsi, being a qualified social educator and Kathy being a qualified teacher make a great team for working with teens in this important area. We very much believe that prevention is better than cure and knowing Christ along with a good education is key to helping these kids stay safe from traffickers. Zsuzsi will also be taking this into a safe house in Győr soon (for mothers and their kids). Please pray for her!

I also managed to make a couple of new contacts in August. Please pray with me as I seek open doors in Slovakia. We desire to see God’s kingdom spread throughout Europe!

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