Tatabánya prayer walk

Today myself, Kathy and our colleague Wick Anderson, went on a prayer walk in the city of Tatabánya. Over the past few months we have done strategic prayer walks in Western Hungary as we seek people of peace. We spend time on prayer for each city and the people who live there and in reading scripture.

Obviously, with the current strict restrictions in place (due to Covid-19) we couldn’t enter buildings but we were able to pray (while wearing masks) on the high street, near schools, libraries, the mayor’s office and the main shopping centre. We also went to a look-out over the city (with the turul bird) and prayed over the city.

Please pray we would connect with people of peace. Also, please pray for Hungary. The situation here is very bad and many people are daily infected with Covid-19 and our health care system is struggling to care for all who need help.