Congratulations Sylvia!

Mighty women of God!

Today we were honoured and blessed to install Sylvia as pastor of the Győr church! For the past year Wick Anderson has pastored this community of believers and he has been working with Sylvia as a mentor to prepare her for this day. Sylvia still has a long way to go to ordination but this is a big step for her and the local church. A lot of people turned up to worship (about 30) and to support Sylvia. I think we were near our maximum room space to keep social distancing!

Our local church is blessed with a number of great leaders, and people from a number of very different backgrounds. At worship today we had people from America, Ethopia, Hungary, Ireland and Pakistan. Our community also consists of people from numerous other countries including England, India and Nigeria. Sylvia will have plenty of opportunities to share the Gospel with many people and to care for those in the church. Please pray for Sylvia as she takes on this ministry role.

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