Back to worship, again.

After a very long break without in person services, we met again today in both Budapest and Győr for worship. In the photos, Péter can be seen leading worship in the garden of our church in Budapest and Sylvia and Melinda can be seen in the courtyard of the Lutheran Church in Győr.

Hungary having been on lock down since February, has had a very difficult time with Covid-19. In March cases surged and deaths hit terribly high numbers. At one stage Hungary had the highest rate of deaths per capita from Covid-19 in the world. Now we are very thankful as we see the number of new cases drop daily along with the number of deaths. Over 40% of the population have been vaccinated and we are seeing restrictions lifted.

In Győr I (Gerry), was honoured to bless baby Boglárka, the daughter of Laci and Melinda. She was asleep for the blessing and I didn’t want to wake her so myself and the entire church (kids included) prayed a blessing over her. She is a sweet, beautiful baby girl! Please pray for her and her parents as they grow more and more in their love of God and one another.

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