Another wonderful camp!

This past week we had camp at the orphanage in Győr where we serve. It was a wonderful week filled with music, laughter and lots of joyful noise! Our team of volunteers met every morning at 0845 for prayer and devotional time before starting the camp at 0900. The program went through to midday with Bible messages, English language lessons, songs, handcrafts and relaxed playtime. In total we connected with about 20 younger kids on a daily basis and good conversations with some of the older kids and social workers also. We are not allowed to post photos of the kids who live in the orphanage that is why you will not see them in these photos.

We had a fun pizza parry on Thursday afternoon when our team came into the orphanage for a couple of hours in the afternoon. The kids really enjoyed the pizza as it was a big treat for them.

Here is our wonderful team! Than you Péter (with his two kids), Sylvia, Zsuzsi, Kathy, Bianka, Klaudia and Áron! I’m the only non-Hungarian national!

Honestly, it was a tough week for Kathy and I as we are in the process of moving to Pécs. Our home is filled with boxes and bags and our hearts are filled with so many different emotions. (I’m grateful to our daughter Katica for doing so much at home this week while we served). We have served these kids for many many years and love them very much. Please pray for Sylvia as she takes over visiting weekly from Kathy. Kathy and I are planning on being in Győr for one long weekend a month and will visit the kids then.

2 Comments on “Another wonderful camp!

  1. Dear Gerry, What an encouraging report! Thank you for sharing this update and of course it’s wonderful for us to imagine the joy this experience was for the children. God bless you as you transition into new ministry. I believe that He will provide for those areas and needs that you leave behind.

    • Thank you Abby! We are so thankful for you and your team. Your ministry here continues to bless and inspire! We have great leaders stepping up in Győr and I am super excited for what the Lord is doing.

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