First month in Pécs

We wanted to update you all as we moved to Pécs a month ago and several of you have asked how we are doing. Thanks, we are all well!

We have moved into a small but comfortable apartment just outside the city centre, in a quiet part of this large city. Everything we need is nearby, supermarkets, gym, pharmacies, doctor’s office, post office, bakeries etc.

The move went well, although the weather was extremely hot and we had a busy couple of weeks cleaning, packing, moving our belongings, putting furniture together etc. Soon after the move, myself and Katica, along with her boyfriend, went to Ireland for a week. Whilst there I had a good opportunity to speak at Mallow Street Gospel Hall in Limerick.

After arriving back to Hungary, I preached in Győr. It was great to see a number of friends and church members.

To answer some of your questions: no, we haven’t started a church yet. We are praying to meet people of peace and to begin discipleship with anyone interested in knowing God. No, we are not in any orphanages yet, however we are making significant steps towards this!!! And yes, I will continue to travel. The end of August I will be in Budapest and Győr. Early September I will travel to Ukraine to visit our team there. Then in October, I will spend 11 days (God willing) in America on partnership building with speaking engagements in six churches. Finally, in late October Kathy and I will be in Spain for Impact Europe board meetings and Set Free meetings.

Please find a few photos of the area around and near our new home. By the way, we would love for you to visit and have a coffee with us 🙂

5 Comments on “First month in Pécs

  1. We keep lifting you to Jesus dear Jerry and Kathy 🙏 HOW we’d love to come and share some coffee and that delicious cake! 🥳 love and blessings, sue and john xox


  2. Really glad that the move went well. Pecs is a beautiful city in a beautiful part of the country.

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