Blessed day in Győr

It was a long afternoon but very blessed time in Győr today. At lunch, I gathered our key leaders together for a time of discussion and encouragement as we discussed the future of the church. They are wonderful people and so gifted and I feel very privileged to be able to serve with them.

Afterwards, 24 of us gathered for worship. Dishey spoke today and it was a great message on compassion. Sylvia prepared jars of jam (jelly) and everyone was encouraged to take one home and give one to a friend/neighbour so they can taste of the goodness of God! Sarah led worship and I believe we all drew a little closer to God today.

The Győr church has also been collecting lots of school supplies to give to the children in the local orphanage where we serve. Along with all the supplies a lot of money was also given to purchase more supplies for the kids. I am continually amazed at the generosity of God’s people!

Pastor Sylvia and Sarah are doing a superb job of leading this fellowship. With Dishey now becoming more involved we have a tremendous leadership team. Please pray for them! I will be back with them this coming week and in Budapest also, prayers for travel mercies are appreciated.

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