Lviv and Rivne

I have spent the last few days in both Lviv and Rivne in Ukraine. I visited with our leaders in Rivne and explored Lviv a little. I managed to travel before potential new lockdowns. It has been about two years since I have been to Ukraine to see our ministry here and I am amazed at what they have achieved! Please read the captions of the photos for detailed information.

New floor added to the small house for the leader of the rehab centre.
As you can see the floor is near completion.
Chicken project. They started with a handful of chickens and now have sixty. Fresh eggs every day.
Partially underground greenhouse.
Partially underground greenhouse from outside.
Regular greenhouse full of tomatoes.
Two of the residents in the House of Mercy (a home for the elderly) need assistance in travelling. Thank God for this wheelchair.
Lena and Misha! Two of the most wonderful servants of God!

So the team have added an additional floor to the small home for the rehabilitation centre leader, built a huge greenhouse, built a chicken coop and care for 60 chickens and now have another building called the House of Mercy for elderly people in need of help (three men currently live there. Not to forget the two homes for men who have gone through the rehabilitation program but still need some help. All this and developing church ministries…

The men at the rehab centre have Bible study every day and now they learn to garden and care for animals along with learning other work skills such as construction.

This incredible ministry is a huge blessing to many people. Yet it needs money to grow. Would you be willing to become a partner in this Kingdom work? Give here please:

2 Comments on “Lviv and Rivne

  1. Hi Gerry, we love love LOVED this!!!! HORRAY and HORRAY and so so many blessings and prayers for you each, sue and john xx


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