Ministry and more ministry

These have been incredibly busy days of late. Like so many, we have been affected by the war in neighbouring Ukraine. We have embraced the opportunity to serve the church, to serve refugees and those still in Ukraine. So perhaps a small view of our ministry day may help you to pray, not only for us, but for so many others in ministry in the countries bordering Ukraine.

Although we are responding to the war and refugee crisis and trying to help as we can, regular ministry continues. Today we left home at 0830 to drive 30 minutes or so to help a wonderful couple in crisis (please pray for them). We sat and talked and prayed together until nearly 11 and then drove the 30 minutes home. Whilst Kathy went shopping and then cooked lunch, I caught up with a Ukrainian family our Győr church is hosting and we spoke for half an hour, making plans for the future. Pastor Sylvia and our mission partner Sarah (who serves with MCN) along with the Győr church are really loving and caring for this family!

After lunch it was time for administration, emails, and a couple of phone calls. Again, it was helping a family who fled the war (residents of but not citizens of Ukraine), this family needing assistance with a medical issue. Then it was soon time to take the nearly 3 hour train to Budapest from Pécs. I had hoped to use this time for my rest but lots of emails, messages and a couple of phone calls meant that time went quickly. Arriving by about 6.30 to Budapest, I had a meal with some team members and a couple of new missionaries. Tomorrow morning, along with a colleague, we will begin a two day orientation for new missionaries. Please pray for us to teach well and for our new colleagues to be blessed as they learn.

By 8pm I went and met with a family who fled Russia. We had helped them along the way by finding them a safe place with good friends for a couple of nights in Finland and then had them come to Budapest where the church here cared for them. It was my first time meeting their two kids and they are super cute! I got back to where I will sleep tonight by 10pm and am looking forward to a well earned sleep!

Please pray for all missionaries and aid workers who are serving in the countries of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova as we continue to minister and respond to the crisis. It is an honour to be called to help!

By the way, yes, we take time to rest. I go to the gym several times a week and we try to take an hour each day to just sit and chat, drink coffee or watch some Netflix show along with walking our dog as well.

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