Whirlwind tour

Thursday morning I left Pécs and took two trains over a total of about nine hours to get to Arad, Romania. I spent Thursday evening through to Saturday lunchtime in Arad, connecting with Philip More at Vis de Copil, along with our newest colleague there, Daniella. Philip manages the centre which focuses on helping the poorest of the poor in Arad and Daniella works primarily with children as she is a qualified teacher.

Whilst in Arad, I also had an excellent meeting with a couple who are bringing food and hygiene products into Ukraine. We discussed potential ways to partner and help one another as I am currently planning my first humanitarian aid trip into Ukraine very soon.

On Saturday I travelled from Arad to Budapest. I spent on hour or so in the evening making a short video with my colleague Larry which will be an update about missions in Europe for an upcoming conference. Sunday morning I worshipped with our Budapest church and had lunch with them. It was the first time in over two years that the Budapest Church had lunch together (because of the Covid-19 restrictions).

After lunch I travelled from Budapest to Győr. I spoke at the Easter service, led the Lord’s Supper and a time of anointing with oil and prayer for healing. The service was conducted in three languages, English, Hungarian and Ukrainian and was well attended with 54 people in attendance. After church, the long trip back to Pécs and tomorrow I am looking forward to a needed day of rest, a trip to the gym and lots and lots of chocolate!

During all this, we still continued to help as we could with the situation in Ukraine. I’m happy to report that this is the second time we have got food to this family and the kids were delighted for some new clothes also.

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