Győr, Veszprém and Kyrgyzstan?

This weekend I travelled to Győr on Friday where I held our monthly Bible study group. Afterwards I was interviewed twice by Justin Ross of International Child Care Ministries and you can view the shorter of the two videos here. The second video will be published in the future.

On Saturday I visited our International students group in Veszprém. We were a small group of four people as many of the students are very busy with writing their dissertations. One man, I met for the first time. ‘A’ has been a believer since 1994. He is now studying for his PhD in Veszprém. He comes from Kyrgyzstan, from a Muslim family. He gave his life to the Lord and his family wanted to kill him because of this. He had to flee. He is a man of faith who has seen much in his life. The photo is him with the gift of an English language Bible I could give him. What a blessing it was to share communion with this group yesterday.

Sunday, Kathy and I got to serve in Győr again. We had a great service with 40 people in attendance. We celebrated Easter again as a number of Ukrainians are making our church their temporary faith home.

These past couple of months have been uncommonly busy.We appreciate your prayers as we seek to help the people of Ukraine, serve faithfully in ministty across Hungary and others countries in Europe.

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