Aid to Ukraine

Along with my colleagues and friends, Philip and Eliseo, we drove today from Arad, Romania into Ukraine to two different cities to deliver humanitarian aid. Pasta, spaghetti, rice, porridge, cereal, honey, jam, juice, milk, water, medical items and personal hygiene products. Also, we brought sleeping bags, mats, diesel and other needed items.

We visited a refugee camp with 120 people (location kept secret to prevent possible attacks against the people there). Here we delivered the aforementioned goods and I was able to talk with a doctor and discuss a return visit where I might be able to offer PTSD care and to deliver medical supplies. Most of the refugees were of course Ukrainian but there was also a lot of Koreans and we were blessed to help them also.

The second visit was to a church close to the Hungarian and Romanian borders. The church is offering a free two course lunch every day for up to 200 people. They also have worship every evening. Praise God they are seeing many people come to Christ!

At both locations we set up stand-up displays which are to warn people of the dangers of human trafficking which many face as the cross borders into other countries. Thank you to the Set Free Movement, along with the Bread of Life Foundation in Hungary and the European Freedom Network.

Many thanks to so many people and churches for all your support. Special thanks to the Free Methodist Church USA, Free Methodist Church Canada, Free Methodist Church UK, Free Methodist Church Spain and the Free Methodist Church Portugal. Also thanks to Daria Roesch at Edgewood Church in New York State for the wonderful cards I could bring to Ukrainian kids. Big thanks to my home church of Mallow Street Gospel Hall in Limerick, Ireland for your support and prayers.

2 Comments on “Aid to Ukraine

  1. Thanks so much! I remember that Julie worked closely with a Korean church while she was in Kiyiv.

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  2. Thanks so much Ger for keeping us up to date. Can you send your blog to my sister. It’s I think Peter Childs would like it too. Love to all XX

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