Weekend of joy!

It was a wonderful weekend, filled with joy! Joy of serving, joy of teaching, joy of being with family and friends, the joy of good food and the joy of being in God’s beauty of creation as we walked by the Lake Balaton.

The booklet cover you can see is a publication that was written by our daughter Zsuzsi. Zsuzsi is a qualified social worker and a theologian. In partnership with the Set Free Movement, this booklet is to help warn children, teens and vulnerable individuals on the dangers of trafficking. We delivered copies to our partners in Veszprém. The church in Veszprém (under the leadership of Nils, he is pictured first, and two other men) will have copies ready to provide to people as needed. Then Askar, a PhD student in Veszprém who attends our International Church, took several copies for the University library.

On Friday in Győr it was a pleasure to connect with so many people over the course of the day. Bible study group is close to finishing the Book of Acts. It was great to have a new attendee join us and he was a blessing!

Worship in Győr was excellent. I had the joy of bringing a group of Ukrainians to church and our new translator was excellent! We also raised funds for little Bogi, one of our church kids. She has an operation in August for a serious issue with one of her eyes. I was so thankful for the way the church responded!!! People were so generous! Please pray for her healing! If you want to give, feel free to contact me.

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