We have been living in Pécs for 11 months now. It is a beautiful city with so much to see and do. We are grateful to the Lord that he has allowed us to gain entry to a children’s home here and we can serve there on a regular basis. Another hope was that we could help begin a worship service here. Today was our first worship service in the area (we met in the nearby city of Szigetvár). A total of nine adults and two children gathered together. It was wonderful!!!

As we gathered, I recognised a beautiful image of heaven. English, Hungarian, Irish and Ukrainian all gathered to worship. Kevin did an excellent job of leading worship (he plays guitar really well). Szandra had lots of tea, muffins and other goodies waiting for us all. Zsuzsi and family were visiting and Stephen and Svetlana from Ukraine (they are now living near Szigetvár) made up the rest of the group.

I presented a message from the Gospel of Luke (the Prodigal Son) and we focused on how at different times in our lives we all have been far from God and on other occasions we have been the forgiving father or the jealous brother.

We truly appreciate your prayers. We are so excited to see spiritual growth around Hungary. With ministry in Budapest, Győr, Pécs, Szigetvár and Veszprém we are blessed to meet so many people who are a pursuing a closer relationship with God. Please pray that more people will come to faith and that more doors for ministry will open across Hungary.

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