More aid to Ukraine

About 550 kilos (1200lbs) of needed supplies.
The staff in Lidl do not like seeing us enter the store…

Today (Friday June 17th), three of us made the trip into Ukraine to bring food, hygiene products, cleaning materials, medicines and other needed products. Yesterday we shopped, packed the van, prepared paperwork and today we are doing the 15 hour round trip journey from Romania to a couple of different destinations in Ukraine.

These visited these three families who are displaced because of the war. The husband of one of the ladies stayed in Odessa as he is a pastor and Gerry has been working with him to get food to families in need in the Odessa area. It was a blessing to bring food, medicines and soft toys along with a small gift of cash to help provide for their needs. The kids were so sweet… Sadly, UNICEF are reporting that 67% of all Ukrainian children have been displaced due to the war.

Set Free Movement pamphlets (written by my daughter Zsuzsi) also went to Ukraine as approximately 100,000-150,000 Hungarian speakers live there. These pamphlets warn of the danger of trafficking and tips on how to keep safe.

Pastor Valentin and his church are now serving lunch to 400 people a day. Just a month ago it was only 120… The need is unbelievable…

Thank you to Erin in Budapest who helped with some of the logistics of bringing goods to me so I could transport them from Hungary to Romania and then on to Ukraine!

Gerry was also able to offer medical assistance to a number of Ukrainian soldiers (male and female) at the border crossing. It was such a pleasure to serve today!

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support aid to Ukraine!

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  1. Thanks Ger. God bless you and all the family and helpers.

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