Ukraine aid trip

Today (September 9th), I and colleagues were privileged to bring aid into Ukraine. In total we brought 900 kilos (2000lbs) of goods. This included pasta, rice, sugar, oil, flour, vegetables, frozen meat, female sanitary products, canned fish, meat and beans along with chocolates for kids and tea and coffee for adults.

The day started at 4am and we expect to be back at 11pm. This 18 hour day has been filled with so much, it is hard to know what to include and what to leave out. Please forgive my writing if it is a little disjointed, it has been and continues to be a long day. Tomorrow I have another 8-10 hours of travel and am ready to rest at home!

We helped a Ukrainian family cross the border as they were walking and the guards would only allow them to cross via vehicle. It was an opportunity for us to give the kids chocolates, talk to them and pass on my business card if they need help in the future.

About 40 minutes after arriving in Ukraine a rather nasty warning alert came. It was making us aware of an attack by Russian forces on our general area. Thankfully we experienced no attack but it certainly brought the war a little closer to us.

We visited three locations and left food and other goods in each place. The need is very real. Several million Ukrainians are internally displaced. Many are living and sleeping in churches or finding refuge in all sorts of places such as hotels, restaurants and campgrounds.

We were also able to leave another display stand warning of the dangers of human trafficking. We left it at a major refugee centre in a large city that helps to feed and house people. Approximately 700 people a day eat there at the moment.

With Eliseo, my wonderful Italian friend and partner in ministry. Please pray for him, his wife and daughter and his sister-in-law, Sefora, as they serve so diligently in ministry.
Florence Nightingale would be horrified but every inch is needed for people to have somewhere to sleep.
Spot the soldier! Volunteers making camouflage. Do not repost or use this photo please.
Supplies of needed goods are running out! People in Ukraine will die this Winter due to the cold. Please be generous and give!

Please pray for Philip More also. He does incredible work in Arad, Romania, running g a centre for the very poor. He gives freely of his time and serves helping on these runs into Ukraine. He is a huge blessing and must be exhausted from so much work.

Thank you to the Free Methodist Church for your incredible generosity in providing the funds for all the supplies, diesel etc.

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