Pray for Moldova

Triumphal Arch in Chisinau

I am in Chisinau, Moldova this week. I was invited by Beginning of Life, a Christian organisation that focuses on helping the poor, fighting human trafficking and engaging their local community with the Gospel. Yesterday was a training day that I held for their staff. It was very well attended and I hope they and others will be blessed by the training time.

The focus of the training day was offering care and counselling to people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Beginning of Life deal with a lot of people who have suffered trauma and they are now actively engaged in helping Ukrainians who have fled the war. They also send humanitarian aid on a weekly basis to Ukraine.

As an organisation they offer art therapy, counselling and they have helped women set up in micro enterprise using creative arts (sewing for example) so they can provide for themselves and their children.

Chisinau is a charming city, but it is the capital of the poorest country in Europe. Many children and women are trafficked from here to Western Europe. Many people leave to find work in other countries. Over the years, corruption has been a very serious problem and has led to many of the economic problems that exist today in Moldova.

The war in Ukraine is a constant concern for the people of Moldova. The breakaway state of Transnistria (officially a part of Moldova) is under military occupation by Russian foces and this presents political and practical challenges for the average person here. Will you join with me in praying for Beginning of Life, the people they serve and indeed the people of Moldova?

2 Comments on “Pray for Moldova

  1. Hi Gerry, Oh my!!! I LOVE that you are there doing what you’re doing. BoL are one of the most extraordinary organisations I‘ve ever encountered and I LOVE that you, marvellous Gerry, are there with them. HOW I’m thanking God for you each right now!! love and so many blessings, sue


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