A ministry filled weekend.

This past weekend was filled with ministry in Budapest, Győr and Veszprém. Our team in Budapest went to visit a safe home near Budapest. They visit every month and serve the kids and their mothers through leading worship, talking about the Word of God, playing with the kids and prayer. This month they also brought small Christmas packages for each child. On Sunday in Budapest, I had the privilege of preaching and Kathy was my translator. We really enjoyed being with that community of believers and it was made extra special as our youngest daughter, Katica, travelled to Budapest to worship with us.

In Győr, Sylvia and the church had worship and this week the giving went to our friends and ministry partners, Vis de Copil in Arad, Romania. The Győr church were very generous indeed and the kids in Arad will be greatly blessed. Pray for Sylvia and Sarah as they lead our community.

In Veszprém, Kathy and I, along with our daughter Zsuzsi and her family got to worship with our new community in Veszprém. Nils preached, Zsuzsi led prayer and Detti and two other ladies led worship. It was a lovely early Christmas service with nearly 20 people present and Nils preached a wonderful message. If you are in Hungary, would you like to visit one of our groups (we are in Pécs/Szigetvár also)? Contact me for details!

Here a few photos from the weekend.

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