Gathering to worship

This weekend has been a time of gathering to worship and to spend time with people. Kathy and I travelled from Pécs to Győr to lead a Bible study group and visit the kids at the orphanage in Győr. What a blessing to see the Bible study group grow in numbers and to go deep into the Book of Esther! Kathy, along with Pastor Sylvia and a church member, Judit, went to spend time with the kids at the orphanage. Pastor Sylvia is being very faithful and doing a wonderful job with them!

On Saturday, we visited and preached (on patience from Galatians 5) in Veszprém. Friends came from Budapest and Szigetvár to support this new group. We had a wonderful service, and discussion afterwards was superb. Thanks to Pastor Péter and Erin from Budapest and Kevin from Szigetvár. Péter and Detti worked well leading worship together!

On Sunday we got to meet several people for good discussion. It was great to catch up with friends. Some conversations were hard. People mourning, others worried because of ill health, family and financial issues. The Sunday sermon I preached from John 5 on the healing at the pool was timely.

I also got to make a new friend over coffee and cake 🙂

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