Kaposvár prayer walk

Kathy and I continued our practice of prayer walks throughout Hungary today. Over the years we have gone on prayer walks in Budapest, Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár, Veszprém and Pécs to name just a few cities. Today we walked and prayed in Kaposvár in the south-west of Hungary. We have found that often the Lord has blessed these walks and allows us to make new connections.

Kaposvár is not a large city, with a population of about 65,000 people. It is the capital of Somogy County and a lovely town centre as can be seen from the photos. Whilst here we had a lovely surprise as we came across a Christian run coffee shop that is part of a local Baptist Church. The Connect coffee shop is part of the Reménység Kapuja (Gates of Hope) Baptist Church. It is a new coffee shop, that has only been opened a month. The managers of the coffee shop are also the pastors. It was very welcoming, great coffee and a good opportunity for us to find out what the Lord is doing in Kaposvár.

There is no fear in love.

As Kathy and I look at our years of ministry in Hungary and across the region (Moldova, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine), we are amazed at how God has allowed us to connect with so many people in so many ways. Although ministry changes (it certainly has changed as we have committed to helping the people of Ukraine during wartime) and will certainly continue to change, we know that prayer walks will remain a constant act of entrusting Hungary into His hands and asking Him to open doors. We feel blessed to reach so many people in Central and Eastern Europe with the Gospel and will continue to do so God willing. We are steadfast in our commitment and look forward to new opportunities.

2 Comments on “Kaposvár prayer walk

  1. Looks like a lovely shop – hopefully the coffee was good too! May God bless their ministry to the community, and continue to bless you as you seek new places to join and proclaim our Loving God & the ways of His Kingdom arriving. 🙂

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