Nappies and love

Kathy recently had the opportunity for access to another home for children, this time in the nearby village of Győr-Ménfőcsanak. This home is for very young children (under the age of 5) who have been placed in care as they have no one to care for them. The building is very nice and well cared for.

One of the needs of this home is for nappies (diapers). Those of you who have children will know/remember how many nappies one baby can get through in just a day! Unfortunately nappies are expensive and therefore the home struggles to buy these. Also needed are household cleaning products and personal hygiene products (things such as wet wipes, shampoo etc. for the children).

Due to a very generous gift Kathy was able to buy a lot of nappies and bless these children. However, our level of support is low and we need more people giving to allow these children and others like them to be blessed. Will you help?

2014-10-17 14.23.56

Coffee and Prayer

Twice a month, Kathy, together with the other women from the Church,organises a ladies coffee morning on the first and third Fridays of the month. The first Friday is a time of outreach where ladies get together to drink coffee, do handcrafts, discuss family and relationship matters etc. The ladies are intentional about inviting women who are either on the fringes of the church group or women who are just interested in a more active social life.  They have been blessed to see a neighbour to one of the fellowship member’s come along. Please pray for the other ladies they invite (friends, neighbours, colleagues).

The second coffee morning is a time of prayer. This is for the ladies in the fellowship who know Christ as their Saviour.The ladies use this as an opportunity to worship Christ and to support one another. They pray for the local church group, the individuals and families involved and for the mission work we are all involved in. Though this fellowship is small it is truly blessed to have so many women who love God, His church and their families!

2014-10-17 09.34.56

It was lovely to have Katie from Budapest and Lynette from Bratislava join us this Friday.

Teach a man to fish…

Several months ago, as part of our continued outreach to the people of Táp we introduced an American church to the need in this village. Through the generosity of this church in the U.S. and the hard work of our friends Roy and Lainey Hitchman and Kathy, the village of Táp was given financial support to begin self sustainable farming. The church provided the funds and the people of Táp the labour to plant and harvest vegetables.

The vegetables have all been picked and given to thcabbageose in need. A total of about four hundred kilos of corn, cabbage, cauliflower and paprika were harvested. Potatoes were also planted and about 4000 kilos were harvested! What an amazing blessing! Used well, a small gift can impact so many people. This Autumn many families (about 15ö families in total) are being blessed and fed through the generosity of Christians they never met. Please pray that this act of love will bring many to know Christ as their Saviour. As important as it is to feed and clothe the poor, we recognize that telling them about the love of Christ is the most important thing we as believers can do.


Teaching the Word!

DSCN0773Zsuzsi has recently had her first experience of leading Bible study for the Friday night youth group. She has now taught twice from the Gospel of John. She found it challenging but extremely useful as she could learn so much whilst preparing. After her baptism three of her classmates have joined the group. Please pray for Marci, Peti and David.

The youth of this group need your prayers. They are standing strong in their faith, growing in the Lord and in numbers. However they have had to deal with serious issues within the group.

As parents we feel truly blessed that our daughters and other young people have a safe Christian environment to study the Word. Please continue to pray for the group as they break for the Summer that every one of the group members would continue their walk with the Lord. Also please pray for the leaders Larry and Melinda and the other adults involved in helping (Kathy also helps here on occasion).

Full time ministry!

We are excited to announce that Kathy is moving into full time ministry! As many of you know she has been teaching part time and doing ministry part time but as the ministry expands and grows, she feels called to give her time and energy in full service to the Lord.

Over the coming months she will be teaching English to orphans, organizing a ladies group, providing clothes and food to the needy and helping at the Friday evening youth group to name just some of the ministry she will be involved in. Her ministry will mainly take place in Győr, Táp and the surrounding areas.

As a family we are blessed to have her as a faithful servant of God, a loving wife and a wonderful mother! Please pray for her as she travels frequently from place to place and for wisdom as she deals with so many needy people on a daily basis.

CEF course part two

We already mentioned the CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) course which the girls ( Katica,Zsuzsa ) were attending. This Saturday they finished the course succesfully.

The girls would like to share their experience:

Throughout the course we learnt so much about kids, God and ourselves! It was a great opportunity to spend our Saturdays with other believers and to get to know more about teaching the gospel.
I learnt different ways of teaching the gospel which I find realy usefull and interesting. And also I see the areas where I need improvement. (Zsuzsi)
I think God led me to this course and I feel that He wants me to continue in children’s ministry. I hope to do the second course.(Katica)
Thank you to our supporters for making this possible!








Ministry to the homeless

-There are about 3O thousand homeless people in Hungary.

-The number of homeless people in Győr is between 25O-3OO.

-The government has brought in new regulations that makes it more diffucult to give food etc. to the needy on the streets(a number of permissions needed). If someone sleeps on a bench they will be fined.

Recently Zsuzsi has been giving sandwiches to a homeless man in Győr.The man has also accepted a bag of clothes, food for his dog and a Bible! Please pray for this man that he would start reading God’s word and come to faith in Christ.

Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.      

( 1Timothy 6,18)

If you are interested in supporting this work feel free to contact us. Your donation will be put to good use.



CEF course

Zsuzsi and Katica are attendig a CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) course over the next few weeks. It is a 40-hour course where they learn about teaching non-christian kids about God.

The course is held on 5 Saturdays from 9 to 16:30. The girls need extra prayer as they have school from Monday to Friday and find it hard to get up early on Saturday mornings too. 🙂 However, they always come home excited after the long day.

So far they have learned to present the Wordless Book and  how to teach memory verses.

They are really enjoying the course and are ready to use their new skills.





Today I got to visit and speak in Mallow Street Christian Fellowship in Limerick, Ireland. This is my ‘home’ church where I first began to worship the risen Saviour.

Every Sunday at 1100 the believers gather to worship, pray, hear the Word, break bread and fellowship with one another. Click on the link for more details    www​

Today about 70 people were present as I shared from the Word and spoke a little about our ministry in Hungary.


The main speakers were Berny and Michaela Tuccillo. Berny gave an excellent message using a sketch board and Michaela spoke about the work they are doing with the youth of Limerick. Please pray for them as they are a blessing to so many and their work is invaluable.


If you are in Limerick make sure to check out this wonderful group!

Gifts to little ones

Today we had the honour of serving kids who are living in a state home. Most of these kids are permanent residents as their parents are in prison, addicted to alcohol or drugs or deemed unsuitable to take care of their children for some reason.


As we had received a generous gift we were able to buy the kids a number of gifts and we brought those gifts today. The kids got a play-doh set, a small air hockey table and a number of books. Kids in another home will also receive a very nice table football 🙂


Thanks so much dear friends for providing the support so we could bless these little kids who are so precious in His sight!


This evening we celebrated two baptisms. Our daughter Zsuzsi, and Alan, the son of our good friends, Timo and Yoli Nakari, both made a public commitment to Christ. It was particularly meaningful to me as I got to baptize them both!



A group of about fifty to sixty people were present and for some it may have been the first time they heard the Gospel. This was a coming together of various fellowship groups and Christians from many denominations, all united in their mutual love of Christ. Larry and Melinda Ewing, main leaders of the Friday night youth group organized the evening wonderfully!

Please pray for both Alan and Zsuzsi as they walk with the Lord and strive to know Him in a deeper way. Also please pray for the people who heard the good news tonight so that they would make a decision to follow Christ.

New life in Christ

In the photo with us are two young people who are both friends of our girls and both have given their lives to Christ in the recent past.

Zsolt is in his first year of studying engineering (Zsuzsi led him to the Lord in October) in University and Petra is a student in High School. Both spent  New Years Eve with us and we rang

in the New Year with prayer, games and lots of food!

Please pray for Petra and Zsolt as they continue in their lives with Christ.

We wish you a blessed New Year! Boldog Új Évet! Athbhliain faoi mhaise dhuit!