Preaching in Budapest FMC

Gerry and Kathy preaching.

If you happen to be in Budapest in the near future then check out this great church.

You will be sure of a warm welcome, lively worship and a good sermon. We speak there about once a month or so – hope to see you there soon!

Kathy and I both enjoy drama. Here is a video of us ‘on a train’ with the difficulty of not speaking the same language. If you speak Hungarian it will make sense, otherwise…. sorry 🙂

Our ministry is two-fold. Firstly bringing the Good news of Christ the Saviour to those we meet and secondly helping those with social needs. Here is a video of a fantastic UK based charity (Operation Orphan) and a little introduction by Gerry to explain the needs of people living in Hungary today. Hope this gives you an idea of the type of work we do.