March 2022 USA trip

Update: These are the times I will be speaking. Come if you want to know more about the situation in Ukraine, our response and how you can help!!!

Pearce Free Methodist Church (North Chili) on Saturday March 5th at 5pm This will be about 6 minutes. I will not be able to stay to talk as I have an appointment immediately afterwards.

Edgewood Church (Rochester, New York) on Sunday March 6th at 8.30 and 10am.

Community of the Savior (Rochester, New York) on Sunday March 6th at 1130am (I believe).

Pearce Free Methodist Church (North Chili) on Tuesday March 8th at 7pm through to 8.30pm.

CvFree Church (Norwich) on Wednesday March 9th at 5pm. Meet me for dinner and presentation afterwards.

Northgate Church (Batavia) on Thursday March 10th at 6pm.

Valley Chapel (Warsaw) on Sunday March 13th. I will speak twice. 10am to the church and in the afternoon with the youth.

I could fit in one more church and I am available for personal meetings but only a very limited amount!!! I will still be coordinating efforts to help refugees coming from Ukraine and sending aid to those still there.

March 4th through 15th I will be visiting churches in America telling them about all the exciting ministry happening across the four countries where we serve (Hungary, Romania, Russia and Ukraine).

I will be speaking in New York State and if you are nearby I would love to connect with you! In total I am currently scheduled to speak in six churches. Find me at both Community of the Savior and Edgewood (in Rochester) on the weekend of March 5th and 6th. Pearce Free Methodist Church (North Chili) on Tuesday the 8th. CvFree (Norwich) on the 9th. Northgate Church (Batavia) on the 10th. Valley Chapel (Warsaw) on the weekend of the 12th and 13th.

Feel free to send me a message if you would like more details about times and places. I would be delighted to chat with you personally about ministry here in Central and Eastern Europe. I would be happy to buy you coffee and sit and talk!

Rivne Ministry – Video

This is a video from our ministry work in Rivne, Ukraine. Valera is a key leader for us. He is a man of God, who loves to serve. I want to encourage you to take a step out in faith and support this ministry through partnering with us both prayerfully and financially. In America please go here to donate: In Europe or elsewhere, please feel free to contact me for details on how to give.

Christmas worship in Győr

Today, Kathy and I travelled the 90 minutes from Veszprém to Győr to worship with our church there. Pastor Sylvia preached a wonderful message from Luke 1 with Kathy serving as translator. The Liszt Ferenc choir blessed us with songs in English, Hungarian and Latin. About 70 people came to worship. We had a lot of guests and it was great to meet new people!

The Lutheran church kindly allowed us to use their beautiful church for free which meant that we could easily keep a safe distance from one another (the church can hold somewhere around 500 people). During these uncertain times of Covid-19, we were pleased to worship the Lord with our Győr church family.

After a busy weekend of ministry in Győr, Pécs and Veszprém we will travel the four and a half hours home to Pécs tomorrow. We still have ministry on Tuesday but hope to take a few days to rest over Christmas.

Christmas worship in Veszprém

This morning we travelled the three and a half hours by bus from Pécs to Veszprém. We were blessed to hold a pizza get together and Christmas worship service for our international students group. A total of ten of us gathered and we shared a few hours of fellowship and fun. We sang traditional songs such as Come all ye Faithful and Silent Night. The message came from Luke chapters 1 and 2.

All these students will be far from home this Christmas. We felt blessed to be able to show them a little love and hospitality. Do you know someone alone this Christmas? How could you show them the love of Christ?

Ministry in Pécs

Having moved to Pécs in July, we knew it would take time to see ministry build here. However, the Lord is good and he allowed us to gain entry to a temporary state home for children (for kids needing immediate social care). Today was our first visit and we got to bring gifts and have conversation about how ministry could look in the future.

The leader of this state home is also a believer and gave us great contacts and ideas how we can help. We genuinely see great potential for further ministry in Pécs and across the entire county!

We brought along gifts for families in need and for a lovely young teen who was very pleased to receive a small care package. Thank you all for your support, without you we would not be able to serve!

Tomorrow we travel to Veszprém to serve our group of international students by having a worship service and pizza get together and on Sunday we will be in Győr to help serve and translate as the church meets their for Christmas worship. God is good!

Ministry going at full speed!

We had a great weekend of ministry. Saturday morning I was able to connect in for a few minutes with church leaders in Belgium. The Free Methodist Church has three churches in Belgium, one in Brussels, one is Duiksmuide and another in Oostende. Saturday afternoon Kathy and I led a quiz event at our Győr church. Attendance was good despite the fact that several people are ill at the moment and couldn’t make it. Four teams competed and the ‘Lions of Judah’ won with a very impressive score!

Sunday afternoon we got to worship in Győr and as always it is a pleasure to meet new people who are coming to worship. It was a smaller group today, but again, illness is effecting attendance. Sarah, our very good friend and a missionary with the Lutheran ‘Mission of Christ Network’ along with Melinda, a local Hungarian believer, led worship beautifully.

Good news is that we have received permission to start serving in a safe home for mother’s and children in Pécs! We are so excited and thankful for this opportunity to reach more people with the Gospel message. Along with similar ministry in Budapest, Dunaujvaros and Győr, we are honoured to be part of a team of people bringing the hope of Christ to people who are struggling.

Worship in Veszprém

I was blessed today to lead a worship service in Veszprém. Veszprém is a small city not far from the Lake Balaton. It has a large foreign student community as many people come here to study at the excellent Pannonia University.

A member of our Győr church is from Ethiopia and he told me of a friend of his in Veszprém who was looking for a church to worship in. Then began a period of prayer and searching. Another church member told me of the Veszprém evangelical Christian Fellowship (an independent church) who might be open to a potential partnership. I began communication with them and found them to be a people truly desirous of reaching the lost with the Gospel. After a number of meetings in person and online they very kindly invited me to began an English language service for these students.

Today we gathered to worship God. A small grouo of men and women from Brazil, England, Ethiopia, Ghana and Ireland. Worship was simple but I felt the Holy Spirit present with us.

Please join with us in prayer as we look at ways to reach both the Hungarian and foreign communities here in Veszprém. We want to the Lord to be glorified and to see lives transformed. Please pray for these students far from home. Please pray for the Veszprém evangelical Christian Fellowship as they serve God and love His people.

Walk for Freedom 2021

Today was my first time taking part in the Walk for Freedom which is run by A21. As members of the Set Free Movement, we have been working in setting up the Walk for Freedom in Pécs this year. A total of 25 people turned out and we walked through Pécs in a silent protest against modern day slavery. Modern day slavery effects millions of people world wide, including forced labour and the sex industry.

Most people came from Pécs but we also had people make the long trip from Budapest and Székesfehérvár. A number of nationalities were represented as we walked through the city for about 90 minutes. We could hand out flyers and share a few words with people. Our friend and colleague Szandra did an excellent job of organising the Walk.

Please continue to pray for all those affected by slavery. Make sure to educate yourself and be an agent for change!

Ministry in Croatia

I had a one night trip to Zagreb to follow up on a potential ministry partnership with a Croatian believer who is a gifted teacher and translator.

Wet weather greeted me in Zagreb and it rained most of the time I was there. However it is a beautiful and very historic city. I’m afraid I had very little time for photography but here are a couple of photos (not my best, sorry, but it was miserable, wet and dull weather).

King Tomislav statue

Meeting with Goran was wonderful. He is an incredibly talented man who teaches Biblical Greek, has worked on Bible translation and preaches at various churches around Croatia. We spent a lot of time over coffee and then lunch learning about one another and the ministries we are involved in. I have no idea how this relationship will develop, but I know the Lord is good and he desires the people of Croatia to know Him personally as their Saviour.

Please pray with me for this small country of about 4 million people. Pray for men and women like Goran who serve tirelessly to spread the Gospel and who help others to serve by teaching them the scriptures.

Lviv and Rivne

I have spent the last few days in both Lviv and Rivne in Ukraine. I visited with our leaders in Rivne and explored Lviv a little. I managed to travel before potential new lockdowns. It has been about two years since I have been to Ukraine to see our ministry here and I am amazed at what they have achieved! Please read the captions of the photos for detailed information.

New floor added to the small house for the leader of the rehab centre.
As you can see the floor is near completion.
Chicken project. They started with a handful of chickens and now have sixty. Fresh eggs every day.
Partially underground greenhouse.
Partially underground greenhouse from outside.
Regular greenhouse full of tomatoes.
Two of the residents in the House of Mercy (a home for the elderly) need assistance in travelling. Thank God for this wheelchair.
Lena and Misha! Two of the most wonderful servants of God!

So the team have added an additional floor to the small home for the rehabilitation centre leader, built a huge greenhouse, built a chicken coop and care for 60 chickens and now have another building called the House of Mercy for elderly people in need of help (three men currently live there. Not to forget the two homes for men who have gone through the rehabilitation program but still need some help. All this and developing church ministries…

The men at the rehab centre have Bible study every day and now they learn to garden and care for animals along with learning other work skills such as construction.

This incredible ministry is a huge blessing to many people. Yet it needs money to grow. Would you be willing to become a partner in this Kingdom work? Give here please:

Cancelled USA trip

I am very disappointed to announce that I have had to cancel my October trip to America. I was due to speak at numerous churches and record a video or two. I was very much looking forward to connecting with old friends and hope I can do so in the near future.

EU citizens are currently not allowed to enter America due to Covid-19. Also, my insurance company is not willing to cover trips to America at the moment as it is considered a high risk zone at this time.

To those of you I was expecting to see, I’m sorry but it is out of my hands. I would be happy to video call into any of your groups or worship services I that would be helpful.

I’m currently travelling to Ukraine to see team members there. Please pray for a safe journey with God appointed meetings.

Blessed day in Győr

It was a long afternoon but very blessed time in Győr today. At lunch, I gathered our key leaders together for a time of discussion and encouragement as we discussed the future of the church. They are wonderful people and so gifted and I feel very privileged to be able to serve with them.

Afterwards, 24 of us gathered for worship. Dishey spoke today and it was a great message on compassion. Sylvia prepared jars of jam (jelly) and everyone was encouraged to take one home and give one to a friend/neighbour so they can taste of the goodness of God! Sarah led worship and I believe we all drew a little closer to God today.

The Győr church has also been collecting lots of school supplies to give to the children in the local orphanage where we serve. Along with all the supplies a lot of money was also given to purchase more supplies for the kids. I am continually amazed at the generosity of God’s people!

Pastor Sylvia and Sarah are doing a superb job of leading this fellowship. With Dishey now becoming more involved we have a tremendous leadership team. Please pray for them! I will be back with them this coming week and in Budapest also, prayers for travel mercies are appreciated.