Refugee crisis continues

Today as I traveled to Budapest to preach at the Free Methodist Church, I was able to help a number of refugees. These men, women and children are trying to make their way to Austria but because they… Read More

Refugee crisis in Hungary

To say we feel overwhelmed by the current refugee situation is an understatement. Daily between 2000-3000 people enter Hungary illegally from neighbouring Serbia. These people are fleeing war torn Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The Hungarian government has struggled… Read More

Speaking in Budapest

What a wonderful morning we had in Budapest! Beautiful weather, great worship led by Toth Peter and lots of people in fellowship together. The Budapest Free Methodist church are currently studying the Sermon on the Mount and Gerry… Read More

Set free movement

Yesterday Kati and I traveled to Budapest to participate in a conference on human trafficking. Rev. Kevin Austin, leader of The Set Free Movement spoke passionately about the estimated 36 million people worldwide who are modern day slaves…. Read More

Summer speaking schedule

The coming weeks certainly look very busy indeed as I have a fairly full speaking schedule. I will be speaking in three different countries and presenting about the work in Hungary and in the Middle-East. I’m looking forward… Read More

Hungary to Madagascar!

We were blessed to have our good friend Kóber Ildikó come to Győr and present about her recent mission trip to Madagascar. She presented twice, once at the Friday night youth group and a second time at our… Read More

Back to school

It has been several years since I last had to really study (2009 actually for ordination) and I had forgotten how very exhausting study can be. For the last two weeks I have been in Budapest on a… Read More


The photos may be a little boring but the contents are answers to prayer! Again this year Operation Orphan are coming to Hungary, and Kathy has been instrumental in helping organize it all for both Táp and Budapest…. Read More

Service in Budapest

Yesterday was my first day working with the Budapest Free Methodist Church. As the ministry in Budapest has recently undergone some staff changes I offered to travel up once a week to help them with any ministry needs… Read More

Do not worry!

A semon I preached on Matthew 6: 25-34 with Kathy as my translator at the Budapest Free Methodist on August 18th 2013. We hope you enjoy it!


It isn’t always easy to get to church on a Sunday. Sickness and weather conditions are just two of the reasons why we miss that important time of hearing from God and enjoying fellowship with others. However so… Read More

Preaching in Budapest FMC

Gerry and Kathy preaching. If you happen to be in Budapest in the near future then check out this great church. You will be sure of a warm welcome, lively worship and a good sermon. We speak there… Read More