How to maintain your mental health in Lockdown/quarantine?

Many of us across the world are experiencing a surge in cases of Covid-19 in our respective countries and therefore our governments are introducing more and more restrictions. These restrictions (although useful and very important in combatting Covid-19)… Read More

Depression – Podcast 5

Active Rest

Nutritional Psychiatry

Exercise and mental health

Healing in Ukraine 

This past week I have been serving in Ukraine, working with Ukrainian soldiers who fought against Russian aggression. Many of these men have/are suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder. I spent the week talking to them about ways… Read More

Care for the wounded

I will soon be travelling to Ukraine again, this time to work with soldiers who are suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to their involvement with the Russia and Ukraine conflict. As some of you know… Read More

Commitment to Christ

As many of you know we have been involved in a Bible study group in Győr for many years now. The group has seen much change over the years with people coming and going, some making commitments to… Read More