Worshiping together again!!!

Today I travelled to Budapest to be with our church there as they gathered to worship for the first time in about three months. The government restrictions on meeting together due to Covid-19 have now relaxed as the numbers in Hungary have dropped significantly. Next Sunday our church community in Győr will meet for the first time some March 15th.

The Budapest team did an awesome job of preparing to meet. Hand sanitizer was out and compulsory to use and masks were also available if people forgot to bring one. They also had bottles of water available to keep people hydrated on a pleasant sunny day. We met in the garden and it was a joy to worship and be together!

Twenty people gathered for worship. Péter led our worship and Zsuzsi preached an excellent message from Acts *(I am biased of course but she is a very gifted and insightful speaker). It was Holy Spirit led and filled. If you are in Budapest be sure to visit!

2 Comments on “Worshiping together again!!!

  1. We would love to hear zuszui speak. Can we get it on YouTube?

    • She is on YouTube Mags, but only in Hungarian. As soon as we record one with her in English, I will send you a link.

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