Quick visit to England

I had a good but rather short trip to Garstang, England this past weekend. I went to visit my friends and colleagues Misha and Lena Petrochenko, who along with their three kids, fled the war in March. We helped them find accommodation in Hungary for about two months before they went onward to England, to our partners in ministry at the Garstang Free Methodist Church. Garstang have done a great job of looking after them. As you can imagine, the Petrochenko family have continued to stay very committed to our vision for Ukraine and continue to serve from a distance.

I was privileged to speak in Garstand on Sunday evening and we had about 110 people present. Garstang have continued to be very supportive of our mission to Ukraine and I am very blessed by them.

I also enjoyed going to watch a football game (Preston North End lost 0-4 to Norwich) and managed fish and chips at the airport for lunch just before leaving! Big thanks to Pete and Sarah Blundell for all they do and for their wonderful hospitality!

One Comment on “Quick visit to England

  1. We were so sad to miss you Gerry but so glad you came. We lift you to Jesus always and thank God for you. Many many blessings, sue and js


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